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Our Rooms and Suites

Great Rooms

Asdal Gulf In Accommodation

  • 31 sqm.

    Standard Room

    The sophisticated and practical Standard Room is the preferred haven for business travellers. Plush accommodation with exclusive facilities, designer furnishings and gracious hospitality are the qualities that up the ante of working whilst travelling.

  • 42 sqm

    Deluxe Room

    Exuding a spacious and contemporary design with a prism of vivid interiors, the Deluxe Room showcases the perfect sanctuary to recharge the senses. The bed and our top-of-the-line amenities will leave you and your companion feeling rested, pampered, and restored.

  • 56 sqm.

    Boutique Suite

    The Boutique Suite is the ideal place to unwind. Every detail is set to impress, be it the expansive living space or the in-room facilities. Showcasing the best of both worlds with comforting luxury and advanced features, the suite meets the needs of demanding business travellers or vacationing couples.

  • 61 sqm.

    Avenue Suite

    Elegant, modern, and spacious – these are the words that best define Avenue Suite. Its luxurious amenities promise to delight physically and intellectually.

  • 99 sqm.

    Family Suite

    Fit for royalty and perfect for you. The lavishly adorned Family Suite features two elegantly appointed bedrooms. The zenith of living is further designed with custom-made designer furnishings, superlative amenities, cutting-edge facilities and exclusive privileges. The fine art of living awaits you at Asdal Gulf Inn.